كميته ملى المپيك دولت اسلامى افغانستا ن

Friday Night:
The Great Opening Ceremony

The complete report from the opening ceremony will be published Saturday afternoon.

Afghanistan @ the 28th Olympic Games 2004 in Athens

Dear Citizens of Afghanistan,

peace has returned to Afghanistan, my native country. Now it is up to us in Afghanistan to build back with love and peace what war has destroyed with hatred and violence. Through the many years of warfare, many of the Afghan people, especially the males, have acquired violent mindsets; however, with sports this negative mindset can be changed into a positive attitude.

From personal experience with my German project "Sports Against Violence", I have learned that sports are very effective in preventing violence. The acquired discipline prevents people from acting with aggression towards their fellow peers. Thus, through sports negative energy will be transformed into positive energy. By restoring sports in Afghanistan, peace will also be restored.

Economically sports will help gain the interest of foreign investors to help our country. For the first time since 1996, Afghan athletes will participate again in Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. Media all over the world will cover this peaceful competition of the nations of the world. Millions of people will watch the Afghan team carrying our contry's flag into the opening ceremony on Friday August 13th and hundreds of TV stations will broadcast the event all around the globe.

Henceforth, as the Olympic Representative of Afghanistan, I turn upon you to ask you to support peace and the Afghan athletes in their quests to revive sports once again in Afghanistan.

Keep watching this website during the games from August 13th until August 23rd to get up to date news coverage directly from Athens from an Afghan perspective. We will have the latest news from Athens at least every second day!

Fahim Yusufzai
Olympic Representative of Afghanistan


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